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Avilés Tour

Ancient coastal city, third in population in Asturias. It is now a modern city, fruit of the industrial age where it was converted into an iron and steel centre of the first magnitude.

The old town, an ensemble of artistic and historical monuments and other such jewels of both civil and religious architecture. Of all its attractions, the pedestrianised streets Galiana and Rivero stand out, with more than four kilometers of porches, the square (plaza de España), housing the town hall and the 13th century church of Sabugo alongside the modern one of Saint Thomas of Canterbury. Within the realms of civil architecture, Avilés offers us the palaces of Valdecarzana and Camposagrado, and the Palacio Valdés theatre.


The cultural centre Niemeyer is shaping the future of Avilés: It is the only building in Spain by the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer and, in his own words, the most important of all he has done in Europe. The Niemeyer centre is trying to become an international model for the production of cultural contents, a space associated with excellence dedicated to education and culture.