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Gijón Tour

Gijon, a thousand-year-old seaport, it is a lively, hospitable, and cosmopolitan city found on the coast; the largest city in size and population of Asturias. Take delight in walking along the St Lawrence beach, and exploring the captivating alleys of Cimadevilla, the former fishermen's quarters.


Gijon is also a city of museums; you will be able to discover the Roman past of the city in the Roman thermal baths of Campo Valdés, or get to know the figure of the illustrated Jovellanos in the home where he was born, now a museum, or maybe sink to the depths of the sea in the Aquarium of Gijon.


We suggest you get to know the ancient Labour University, which has been converted into ‘Laboral’, the city of culture. This is the major arena for the plastic arts and scenic arts of the Principality.