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Oviedo Tour

Discover Oviedo, the commercial and business capital of Asturias. Strategically situated in the heart of our region, it is the centre of cultural tourism, as well as the political, administrative and Archbishopric centre of Asturias. It is also home to the university.

The Cathedral and the medieval city that developed around it dominate the historical quarter, and constitute the core of Oviedo, close to the commercial area represented by the Uría and neighbouring streets, where the Campoamor theatre can be found which is one of the emblems of the city, and every year is the scene for the prestigious Prince of Asturias award ceremony.


The whole of the city centre has been pedestrianised, which means that it is very comfortable to walk through its streets, to discover the Barroch palaces, the traditional squares, the churches, its University, as well as its secrets and numerous statues, that make Oviedo an open air museum.

The Cathedral, also known as ‘Sancta Ovetensis’, dedicated to the Salvador (the savior). Even though it is dominated by the gothic style, we can discover pre-romanesque and romanesque fingerprints in its history. As well as visiting the Cloister, the chapterhouse and the Diocesan museum, you must not miss the masterpiece of the main altar, one of the most important of its kind that exists in Spain, nor the Holy Chamber, which shelters significant relics.


Pre-romanesque Oviedo:

It details the singular and unique art of the Asturian Monarchy through some of its most significant examples such as the Santa Maria of the Naranco and Lillo's San Miguel, situated on the slopes of mount Naranco and San Julián of the Meadows declared by UNESCO as world heritage.