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The protected landscape of Cape Peñas

Mapa de localización_ Cabo peñas

Discover this wonderfully scenic, isolated spot, next to Candás and Luanco, two sea faring towns.

Paisaje Protegido del Cabo Peñas

• The eighteenth century lighthouse (1852) of Cape Peñas, is at the northernmost point of Asturias.

• The ground floor of the lighthouse also houses the Reception and Interpretation Centre of the Marine Environment of Peñas.

• Visit Luanco, capital of the region of Gozón, to know its old quarter and see the Asturian maritime museum. The town of Luanco has always been closely linked to the sea and sea related activities. Its origin, as with other coastal towns is linked to whale hunting which reached its peak between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries.

• Visit of the fishing port of Candás, in whose past featured the canning industry.

Paisaje Protegido del Cabo Peñas

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