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In the path of the camino

Mapa de localización_ Tras los pasos del camino

Following the steps of the primitive Camino de Santiago we’ll cross the towns of Grado and Salas and can recreate the Paleolithic world by visiting the cavern at Peña de Candamo and understand the link that this land has with gold mining.

Tras los pasos del camino

• Salas and its old town; with the fourteenth century Collegiate of Santa María la Mayor ,where we can see the mausoleum of the inquisitor Valdés Salas and a magnificient seventeenth century alterpiece. It is also worth visiting the San Marín Yew, declared a Natural Monument, and tasting the delights of the local sweet known as carajitos del profesor.

• In the town of Grado, every Sunday, they hold a traditional market, where you can find locally produced and crafted products such as the afuega’l pitu cheese. Escanda breads, crafts etc...

• The Monastery of San Salvador de Cornellana, founded in 1024.

• Candamo: The cavern of the Peña de Candamo, is one of the most outstanding examples of prehistoric cave art from the later paleolithic period. It has been declared Word heritage by UNESCO.

• Belmonte de Miranda: In Belmonte de Miranda we can visit the Gold Centre, where we can see the relation between its value and mans centuries old fight against nature to obtain this precious metal.

Tras los pasos del camino

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