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Asturian central mountains

Mapa de localización_ La montaña central asturiana

History, nature and traditions, all come together in this tour of the heart of Asturias

La montaña central asturiana


  • Paca and Tola, two bears, are the protagonists of this region
  • The House of the Bear is a must, a living display of this protected species’ characteristics.


  • The Prehistory Park, exhibits replicas of some of the most representative examples of Paleolithic cave art in Europe. This was created with the dual objective of displaying and also protecting the fragile heritage of incalculable cultural value of which our ancestors have left us a large number of examples.
  • The Collegiate church of San Pedro de Teverga, an important piece of Romanesque art. Here are the mummies of the marquis of Valdecarzana and his son. They are well known as “the mummies of Valdecarzana”.
  • The cave “Cueva Huerta”.


  • The Ethnographic Museum of Quirós.
  • The Yew tree of Bermiego. Declared a Natural Monument, One of the oldest yews in Europe, estimated to be between 550 and 800 years old.
  • The “horreos” of Quirós, with their myths and legends. Horreos are granary barns that stand on posts, characteristic of this region.
  • The Mills of Corroriu.

La montaña central asturiana

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