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The cider district

Mapa de localización_ Comarca de la sidra

Apples and cider form the main theme in this region, in which we can discover enchanting coastal towns, interesting museums for all tastes and important examples of art from the Asturian monarchs.

Comarca de la sidra

• Lastres is one of the most typical and attractive fishing ports on the Asturian coast. The lighthouse of Lastres can be found three kilometres away in Luces.

• Guided tour to get to know the historical town of Villaviciosa and the fishing port of Tazones and the mystery surrounding the visit of the emperor Charles V.

• The church of San Salvador de Valdediós (9 th century Pre-romanesque), declared World Heritage, and the Monastery of Santa María de Valdediós.

• The church of San Salvador de Priesca.

• The Jurassic museum (Colunga). The Jurassic Museum contains a most complete, educational and representative exhibition of the world of the dinosaurs.

• The Cider Museum (Nava). The Cider Museum, in Nava, offers information about the production, consumption and history of this typical local drink.

• The Asturian Rural education museum (Cabranes).

• Ecomuseo Ca l’Asturcón (Ecological farm museum)(Villaviciosa).

• Possibility of visiting a “llagar”, the place where cider is produced locally.

Comarca de la sidra

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