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Entrambasaguas (Between the rivers Navia y and Eo)

Mapa de localización_ Entrambasaguas

Come with us to see the Navia historical park and you won’t be disappointed.


• Grandas de Salime: You must visit the Ethnography Museum. It was created by José Naveiras Escalar and housed in what used to be Grandas’ old rectory. Its exhibition is composed of a variety of traditional trades (weaving, wine cellars, potters’ wheels, forge, mill…) which craftsmen keep alive so that they are preserved for the future.

• The Chao Samartín castro, is an example of a human settlement of a Castro culture in the iron age.

• The Ethnological Museum of Pesoz, the land and the wine.

• The Pendía fort, Boal.

• The Agriculture Museum,Boal,The information centre for beekeeping.

• Castro de Coaña, The fort of Coaña is one of the most spectacular and well known settlements of the Castro culture in the northwest of the Iberian peninsula.


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