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The western coast os Asturias

Mapa de localización_ Costa Occidente de Asturias

A trip along the western coast of Asturias will allow you to get to know quaint sea ports, and landscapes where the high, vertical cliffs will seduce you.

Costa Occidente de Asturias

• Cudillero is one of the most typical fishing towns of Asturias, is well worth a visit, its houses forming an amphitheatre facing the sea.

• The Selgas Family Mansion is also the centre for the Selgas Foundation, where we can find Works of art by Goya, Tiziano and El Greco.

• The tradition of the ‘vaqueiros’, travelling cowboys, from the sea port to the high pastures.

• Cabo Vidio, where the most beautiful views of the Asturian coast can be encountered, is also home to the oldest human remains in Asturias of the early paleolithic period.

• Luarca, known as “The White town of the green coast”. It is a fishing village with a whaling tradition, and overlooks the sea from a steep slope. Heading towards the lighthouse, we can visit La Atalaya, an old whaling watch-tower, where we can also see the cemetery, one of the oldest and finest in Asturias. Severo Ochoa, a Nobel prize winner, was born here.

• The Sea Centre, where we can see an exhibition of the biggest squids of the world.

Costa Occidente de Asturias

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