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Picos de Europa

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The Picos de Europa make up the most characteristic and special geological feature of the Asturian landscape, which has, over time, molded the culture of its people, their gastronomy, traditional architecture, and the economy. The Asturians’ use of the territory is as special as it is amazing. As we progress through this itinerary we will discover the magnificent spectacle of the Picos de Europa, where nature and gastronomy unite for the delight of the visitor.

• Cave Exhibition of Cabrales cheese, Arenas de Cabrales.

Picos de Europa

Cabrales's cheese is the most well known of the cheeses of Asturias and one of the big trademarks of our land throughout the world. Cabrales cheese has held a denomination of origin since 1981. The exhibition is located inside a natural cave and shows the past and present of Cabrales Cheese by means of a reproduction of a typical mountain hut, a current cheese factory, and a cave with natural formations used for maturing the cheese.

• The Rock Formation “El Picu Urriello” also known as “Naranjo de Bulnes”.

• The Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, Benia de Onís.

With this visit we will learn about “the mountains of the bearded vulture” (Lammergeyer).

• The Glacial Fauna Discovery Centre, Avín.

Here we will see two replicas of human beings, a mammoth, a tiger with sable teeth, a cave panther, a giant stag and a woolly rhinoceros.

• The Gamonéu cheese (Domination of origin) Interpretation Centre, Demués.

• Pepins route of cheese, cider and traditional culture. We will also take a guided tour to know more about the traditional Asturian life and to enjoy its gastronomy:

  • Guided tour of the village of Sirviella
  • Cider – tasting
  • A shepherds hut
  • Indigenous domestic animals
  • Traditional food

Picos de Europa

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