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The natural park of Redes: Biosphere reserve

Mapa de localización_ Parque Natural de Redes

Discover the natural heritage of the Nalon Valley such as the way of life of a traditional rural community before the arrival of the industrial revolution.

Parque Natural de Redes

• The Wood Museum, Caso.

• The Madreña Workshop, Pendones.

• The Agriculture Museum, Caso.

• Guided Tour of the villages of Caso and Sobreescobio and their people.

• The “Alba” route. Natural Monument.

• The “Casín” cheese, protected with a denomination of origin. This culinary delight is handcrafted in a cheese factory that you can visit. The Casín cheese is one of the oldest cheeses in Spain.

• Visitors centre of the writer Armando Palacio Valdés, Entralgo

• The Water House, Rioseco.

• The 16th-century Church of Saint Mary, Tanes.

Parque Natural de Redes

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